Valerian Stan
Credo ergo sum
"Şi veţi cunoaşte adevărul, iar adevărul vă va face liberi."


I believe that, as people, we are mostly what we do. With this in mind and with the intention to make available to those interested, my activities and public attitudes, I have created this website. I hope the result reflects my intentions through its thematic and chronological structure. In the Biography page, for example, I wanted to present chronologically, the most significant events from my public life and work. To avoid information overload, which might have blurred the essential facts, I made several references to other materials on the website, which provide necessary details related to specific biographical aspects. There were some instances, for example, where clouded memory (or perhaps something else) may have played tricks on those who not only commented on my biography, but also "caused it". In February 2005, to refer to such a case, the former minister of Defence who put me in reserve, argued during a television show that he had done so at my request – a statement which obviously perplexed many of those who heard me years ago complaining about the General’s abuse when, in November 1990, I was removed from the army.